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Every day potentially thousands of people in your community are looking for a health professional like you but have no idea who to choose.  By associating with our Family Health Advocacy network we can provide a simple way for them to request an appointment with you within minutes.

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One of the most important factors for improving your search engine rank is having as many credible back links to your website as possible.  All of our practitioner profile pages allow you to create content with these valuable “follow” links that Google will use to help you rank your website and blogs for further exposure.

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Digital marketing services for your practice can be costly.  Although New Patient Generator clients see between a 3-1 and 10-1 ROI from our paid services, we know the expense can get in the way for some.  That is why we created this FREE service for everyone!

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Is there a benefit to registering now versus waiting until later?

We are just about to launch our paid campaigns to grow our directory so now is the time to get in at ground level. The earlier you add yourself and complete your profile the more traffic and benefit you will receive. However, the more practitioners we get added to the directory, the more credible we become and therefore the more strength our links get referring back to your website.

Aren't web directories frowned upon for SEO with Google?

Although Google has decreased the credibility of some directories because of lack of relevant content, links from web directory listings are quite powerful from relevant contextual links that come from a high-authority sites in your niche. Our website is filled with original, related content for the natural health professions giving a super power to your links.


We want to support natural health professions. And we believe right now we’re in a war of information and it’s critical we band together and flood the online world with research supported facts and create a bridge for connecting the public to natural health practitioners.

What can you do to make your profile stand out?

Complete every section of your profile. We’ve provided a layout that will optimize your chances of having a user request an appointment but the page can’t work it’s magic without the profile being complete. It shouldn’t take long to complete and the rewards will be worth it.

Why would you contribute to our blog content?

If you choose to contribute blog content to our website (which we recommend) then you will further increase the number of backlinks to your website and therefore traffic. High traffic = Increased Business Potential. Also, we are currently working on a new alogrithm to analyze the content produced by contributors and the associated audience engagement to reward with higher rankings in our listings.

How long will it take to start working?

Search Engine Optimization can be a slow process however we have already seen large movement already for those in our directory and we have already started to appear on page 1 of Google for our chosen keywords in various towns. This is a long term game plan and the success is determined from both our efforts and your participation.

What new features are we currently working on?

Phase 2 of this project will be directed to rewarding contributing authors for the website. New alogorithms will give special priority positioning within the directory based on a scoring system that will take number of contributions and social engagement of each article into account. In phase 3, we will be working with other leaders in the natural health space to develop certifications that will help practitioners stand out through verified credibility.