Learn how this Chiropractor has been collecting over $574K a year from social media marketing!

Dr. Gavin Sinclair shares the dollars and cents of his return on investment, and explains how he is generating more than 20X ROI per office at three Maple Clinics in Scotland.

“I have been able to go from one clinic to four clinics, collecting over $574,000* annually from new patients by using this program that virtually let’s me “set it and forget it.”  

– Dr. Gavin Sinclair

Like many chiropractors…

Dr. Gavin started his own clinic right after he graduated so he realized early on that if he wanted to break the cycle of a one practitioner clinic, he was going to have to find a different way to bring in new patients fast enough to grow himself and his team. He knew the New Patient Generator founder from chiropractic college and heard what he was doing. He connected and as you heard in the video, he has never looked back.

Practice Explodes…

During Challenging Times

“I was able to grow my practice over 120% during the pandemic, it is a no-brainer when it comes to saving me time and money.” – Dr. Colin Elkin

Content-Focused Marketing

Keeping your content fresh is the key to long term results so we have compiled a massive database of content that allows us to do exactly that. We provide the scripts, you record short 2-3 minute videos on your mobile device and upload to our custom built New Patient Generator Campaign Management System. You will be showcased as the go-to professional for loads of conditions in your community.  In a nutshell, we provide the content, you record the videos, we manage your campaigns, you schedule the patients.   It’s that simple!

More Patients in Less Time

How much time, effort, and money does it take you to develop a steady stream of new patients on a monthly basis? Take our free marketing audit to see how your current efforts stack up!

Would you like to join the chiropractors in four different countries getting new leads every week?

Dr. Clayton Roach gets a 12X ROI – Must watch to the end, listen to how it has changed his life!

A Massive ROI…

Dr. Daniel Brown, Scotland

Dr. Chris Cameron, Canada

The Average Chiropractor…

BARELY increases their salary by age, do you want to be average?

This graph shows the average income by median age and follows closely along with traditional organic growth. As you slowly grow your practice you can take home more money. This is a grind, and over time your desire to work as hard diminishes and you see less patients. That results in having more time while earning less income as a trade off. But it does not have to be that way.

Chiropractor Salary

Everything you need to build a successful practice but were not taught.

What they didn’t teach you in College was how to be a massively successful business owner. You spent all those years learning to be an excellent practitioner.

Now that you are in practice, you know it’s not easy to see patients, manage staff, train staff, do continuing education, spend hours on paperwork, pay the bills, and prospect for new patients all at the same time. This is the business side of your practice, and it is not easy to do. Especially if you have not been taught to do it. On the business side, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How long will it take to grow my practice?
  • When will I start to make real money?
  • Is there a better way to grow other than talking to strangers at trade show or mall screenings?
  • When do I get to take time off without worrying about my practice?
  • How do I get a steady stream of new patients in the door?
  • Will I have enough money to pay my bills and take money home at the end of the day?
  • How long will it take for my business to grow so I don’t have to be here six days a week for very long hours?
  • How long will my spouse put up with these long hours while I grow my practice?
  • Am I missing important time with my family?
  • How do I find and retain the right staff to help me run this business?
  • Does this ever get easier?
  • I never realized how much time, effort, money and stress goes into running my practice.
New Patient Generator Man

If this sounds like you, then keep reading…

You worked hard to become a health professional…

… and help people, but that is no guarantee that you will be a successful business owner. Make no mistake, running a practice is no different than running any other business with all the challenges that come with it.

The same fears run through the minds of anyone who has started a business, and the good news is, there are answers to all your questions.

  • You can 10-20X your growth by leveraging our technology that probably didn’t exist when you started school.
  • Big revenues like $500k annually comes with rapid growth.
  • You don’t have to follow the traditional path to success. Some traditions are meant to be broken.
  • Why spend your nights and weekends looking for new patients when they can find you on a daily basis?
  • A steady stream of at least 10 new patients a month goes a long way to alleviating stress and giving you some free time. Yes it does get that easy.

Our Trusted Solutions Network

Uniting Natural Practitioners Worldwide with Qualified Patients

It’s no secret that the natural healthcare industry has two challenges. One, patients struggle to find the right practitioners and two, practitioners want to connect with more patients to help more people and grow their practices. The better we can get at building that bridge the better it will be for everyone. And that is exactly what our mission is. We are health professionals too! So our mission is about creating healthier communities. And we truly believe that if we are able to connect as many patients as possible with natural health providers then that’s exactly how we do that. Our first goal…. 100,000 new patients!



Monthly Lead Guarantee

With the basic New Patient Generator Service we will get the ball rolling for you and completely manage your Facebook Advertising. This comes with our Lead Monthly Guarantee.  And we will not charge you MORE based on the number of leads you receive. We will help you create MAGNETIC videos and image based advertisements PROVEN to attract loads of new patients for your practice.  Schedule a FREE Discovery call with us to find out more.

Everyone makes mistakes when running a business and if you know someone who says otherwise, stop listening.

Don’t beat yourself up for any past failed attempts at growing your business, the only truth is you tried something and it didn’t work at that time or in that way. The fastest way to miss a good opportunity for growing your business is to say “I tried that before and it didn’t work.” So what!

If you want to attract more patients faster, then you have to do something you are not doing at this moment. Smart business owners know that social media marketing is the fastest way to attract new clients. That is why they spend billions of dollars annually to reach billions of people using Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube and other platforms to find services like yours. The question is, can they find you, and are they finding you? 

Maybe you tried advertising on Facebook before and thought it was a total waste of time and money – that doesn’t mean it will not work when done correctly.

Perhaps you were promised big results from a prior digital marketing firm but it meant signing a long-term contract that didn’t guarantee anything. What if there was no contract and a guarantee? 

What if new patients could find you 24/7 without you having to be out on the street? It’s possible, other practitioners are doing it right now. 

Have you tried to do your own digital marketing and have not seen the results you wanted?  In all fairness, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you an online marketer?
  • Do you base your professional reputation on the success of your online ads?
  • Do you even know how to place an ad online and adapt it every day to ensure you optimize your ad spend?
  • Do you have the time to keep up with the ever changing landscapes of social media, their policies and restrictions?

You spent years honing your skills to be a chiropractor, and your time is best used to helping patients with their treatment. Not wasting your time on the details of what ad to run, where to do it and how often.

So, if you are tired of trying marketing that has not worked, wasting time and wasting money and not getting the results you want, keep reading and we will show you how to do it.

At this point you may be thinking to yourself, is this too good to be true, can this company produce the results they claim they can do? Will this be one more waste of time and money? Will I be disappointed again and feel foolish for having tried a “get rich quick” scheme? It is prudent for you as a business owner to be a bit suspicious of any sales claims, unless the sales claims can be backed up with proof, and lots of it.

Here’s the truth…

You can achieve the same thing as Dr. Gavin Sinclair with over $574,000 annually worth of new patients per year!

However, most Chiropractors can’t do this because they won’t invest in themselves and their practice, by implementing the processes and procedures necessary to be successful. Just because online marketing seems so foreign and expensive to implement doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it.

Being a great practitioner will help you get referrals, but referrals don’t happen by chance, take time and they don’t happen until you get new patients in the door. That’s the old way. The new way to grow is to consistently adapt your messaging to effectively engage people online who are looking for your help.

If you want to attract new patients, then you have to be visible where they are looking, and that is not at a street fair. Being online gives you the perfect opportunity to reach a lot of people all at once, 24hrs a day, 7 days a week

We can do this with you, because we wrote the book on how to do exactly that.

Founded In 2016 By a Health Professional…

… Dr. Colin Swala, who before starting his Chiropractic journey was a software developer who kicked started his career creating a media management system for public schools in Ontario, Canada.  Not much long after, Dr. Colin decided to change course as he felt driven to work with people and considering his affinity to natural health care became a chiropractor.  After about a decade in practice he believed he could help even more people if he combined his two skillsets.  After many trials and tribulations he finally delivered on something that was cutting edge to the private healthcare industry; something that would help both individual practitioners and their profession’s grow. 

Dr. Colin Swala is also the author The New Patient Generator. What he found was that there were two types of practitioners when it comes to marketing.  1.  Those who prefer to learn and do themselves and 2. Those who prefer to have someone do it for them.  While his book is a step-by-step guide to help those 1’s out there, many are 2’s and feel the work required to implement everything themselves was far too cumbersome and time consuming which is exactly what The New Patient Generator Done-For-You system can help with.

Here Dr. Swala shares his own story: I graduated in 2001 with a degree in computer science and started my career programming for a communications company in Canada. I developed a physical media scheduler for educational facilities that was web-based and was cutting-edge at the time. But something was missing.

I knew I was drawn to work with people in a much more personal way than computer programming. After I got into chiropractic college at the AECC in England I realized quickly that I had to choose between my chiropractic studies or continue with software development.  Chiropractic won. I wondered at the time what would happen if I stayed with software programming, but the pull to become a chiropractor was much stronger.

During Chiropractic college I continued to work on some small web development projects, so I never really put down programming. In August 2008, I graduated from chiropractic college and moved home to help my mom who was battling Cancer. That came with all its own challenges.

Unfortunately being a chiropractor wasn’t what I expected.  I worked my butt off in college thinking that the pains would end once I graduated but I was quite mistaken.  New patients weren’t just walking through the door.  I didn’t get it, I didn’t know what I was doing wrong. Everyone in the world needed chiropractic care but it appeared that they didn’t know it.

I trained with multiple coaching companies who taught me so much about running a practice. I worked in two high volume practices with amazing doctors, who both saw over 400 patients a week.  By my 4th year in my own practice, I had decent retention and conversion at the report of findings was over 70%. However, I sucked at getting new patients by my own efforts or referrals from current patients. So I never got close to my weekly patient goals.

This was not because I wasn’t working hard at getting new patients.  I was grinding it out for full weekends, sometimes 12 hours a day screening people. In addition, I was spending $1000’s of dollars in advertising and still ending up with only 2 or 3 new patients.  I was able to justify the ad expense even with those low numbers, but financially as a practice I was not succeeding.

There was another cost besides the time, money and energy I spent building my practice. At 35 I ended up divorced, broke and started another practice from scratch for a 3rd time!  Something I don’t recommend to any practitioner.

So I just kept on doing what I knew to get by. By August of 2015 my mom was really declining and taking care of her took up every spare moment of my time.  I lost my dad when I was 15, so losing her now was hitting me real hard.  I can’t begin to tell you the stress of watching someone who you love so much, dying slowly and painfully over the course of a year.

While this was happening, I was diligently trying to figure out how I could implement everything I had learned about passive marketing. After some trial and error, I finally nailed the recipe.  The first month I implemented my new system I had 20 new patients in the door and right away. I knew I was on to something.  I called my partners in practice who were both high volume docs and said “hey let me try something for you” and I duplicated the results for them.

I knew there were a ton of people out there teaching practitioners how to market, but I figured that if most docs had a life like mine and my colleagues, they didn’t have the time or money to experiment. If so, then maybe a complete done-for-you service would be desirable. Turns out I was right.

We’re now reaching over 1,000,000 people per month and growing with a natural health message! That really excites me for the future of the natural health professions.  Each client has the possibility to receive anywhere from 15-45 new patients per month. 

I truly believe that with the technology we have today, our profession has the ability to educate the masses about the benefits of chiropractic care. We can draw in volumes of new people like never before, and with an instant return-on-investment for the doctor. 

It’s a win for the profession as a whole and for the individual doctors.

Traditional vs Digital

The traditional methods of finding and acquiring new patients cannot keep up in the digital world or grow your practice fast enough to keep up with rising costs. We have talked to hundreds of practitioners who are tired and frustrated of spending time and money without getting results. Dr. Colin shared his own journey on the challenges he faced and why he took a completely different route to create a way to attract new patients that leveraged the technology available.

That technology has grown exponentially since Colin Swala wrote his book, allowing for more new and innovative ways to reach prospects. We have done the research and become the expert so you don’t have to. You want to be found, you want prospects to call? Then here are some statistics you should know:

  • Facebook has 2.80 billion monthly active users, let that sink in, that’s a really big number.
  • 1.84 billion people visit Facebook almost every day, that is almost 60% of all social media users.
  • It is currently considered the King of social media with 63 % of Americans using it.
  • The average monthly time spent on it by users is 19.5 hours! That is more hours than are spent watching TV shows and movies.
  • 78% of American viewers have said they have found goods and services on Facebook in the past 12 months.
  • The average Facebook user clicks on at least 11 ads per month.

Targeted Ads with simple messages work if they are done properly. The message has to be clear, concise and to the point of helping a problem they may have. You can’t help everyone, so focus on those you can help. The narrower the focus the more of the right type of people you will attract. It seems counterintuitive, but it works. It’s the huge difference between setting up a table at a street fair watching people walk by and walking into a room full of people who have lower back problems.



NPG Power Tools

However, consistently generating the right message to attract new patients is not easy and you must follow the right steps in the right order to bring them into the office. Unfortunately, far too many Chiropractors either don’t understand how to generate an engaging message or the steps and the cadence and end up wasting time and money. We do. We’re experts and that is what we do year in and year out.

Potential patients also want to connect with you emotionally before they even walk in the door. They want to feel like they know you, that they will be safe and trust that you will take good care of them when they come into your practice. Never forget, a new patient is being extremely vulnerable here by placing their care and their pains in your hands. They are not just a new patient, they are a person who is willing to trust a complete stranger to help them. Our strategy helps reduce their anxiety of seeing someone new by them getting to know you long before they step in your door.

Social Media Marketing makes all the difference in how fast you can grow your practice.

Organic growth is the traditional growth path of most clinics that rely on the practitioner to do most of the new patient generating work themselves. Trade shows, mall screenings, newspaper, or TV ads will generate interest, but it can be expensive, slow, and time consuming making it hard to grow exponentially.

Focused social media marketing changes all that by getting you in front of tens of thousands of potential new patients twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. There will always be attrition that comes with any practice. However, by compounding the volume of new patients together with their referrals, quickly overtakes normal attrition by a 5x to 10x ratio.

Set and forget it

The next powerful part of social media is the ability to automate the process so you can set and forget it. Let the software do the work for you, this is how you gain additional time in your day to see more patients, spend time with your family or actually have some time for yourself.

Another huge part of “set and forget” is freeing up your mental bandwidth and de-stressing your life by not having to constantly think about how to get new patients in the door. Over 60% of the chiropractors we have talked to admit to stressing out over generating daily revenue and getting new additional revenue in the door.

This stress has two fundamental impacts on you. It decreases your quality of life and it limits your ability to think creatively on new and innovative ways to help your clients. It is hard for any of us to “think straight” when our stress levels are high. Stress causes more cortisol to be pumped into your system. Cortisol shuts down your higher functioning thought process, it’s putting you back into survival mode, fight or flight. This is not a great place to come from when trying to run and grow your business.

Good and Bad Stress Curve, Eustress

A certain amount of stress is good in your life and moves us towards being “In the Zone”, but too much stress and bad things start to happen mentally and physically as toxic amounts of cortisol are pumped into your system. The negative impact goes far beyond just you. Don’t think for a minute that everyone around you can’t feel your stress. Your staff does, your family does and worse, so do those prospective patients! Would you want to go to see a new practitioner or make a referral to one that seems stressed out all the time? Of course not, and neither would they. The old way of finding new patients was actually counterproductive, it only increased stress rather than reducing it.

This eliminates those stressors and allows you to be the type of practitioner new patients are attracted to, practitioners who give off a real sense of calm, have it all together and on their game. They want that, they want the positive energy you give off by being a holistic practitioner! Otherwise they would have seen a doctor who can prescribe medication that just numbs the pain and dulls their senses.

Stressing out over getting new patients now becomes a thing of the past and ultimately it is up to you to decide the type of practitioner you want to be, and the practice you want to create. If you want to grow, help more patients and have more time for yourself, then you’re in the right place.

Advertising is not about coming up with a few creative ideas and throwing stuff up against the wall to see what sticks. The whole premise is to carefully create messaging that highlights you, your skills and the ability to help. Then to get your message in front of the right people at the right time. This is where the back end expertise comes in.

There is a tremendous amount of time, planning and software creation that goes into what you see online. Similar to a movie where you see a few actors on the screen and then at the end you see the hundred and hundreds of people involved behind the camera to make it all happen. This is no different.

We don’t like wasting time and money any more than you do. We want to explode your practice (in a good way) to the point where you have to tell us to stop and give you time to breathe!

We want you to get great results. We’re competitive. We want to beat our competition and your success means that we are doing a great job. Do you like winning? We certainly do, every day, and we can’t do that by trading hollow promises for some of your money. Not interested, neither are we!

So, stop stressing, forget about what you may have thought was the right way to find new patients, let go of ineffective old methods of marketing and step into the digital age!

Now, all you will have to do is…

  1. Develop killer video and written content that connects with the emotional quotient of the target patient for 6 core specialties
  2. Optimize for SEO, social media accounts, and get at least 5 Google reviews
  3. Find a CRM system that integrates with your ClickFunnel software and use to build your processes and automations for text and email follow up from your CRM.
  4. Write more outstanding content that will capture the viewers over and over again (usually weekly to keep from getting stale.)
  5. Develop condition specific landing pages and ads to funnel the public to your landing page.
  6. Develop a 365 day social media calendar with ad copy for Instagram and Facebook to post at least 5-7+ times a week.
  7. Develop Facebook ad templates for each core specialty.
  8. Develop landing pages for each core specialty so you are condition specific and connect with your audience.
  9. Pay Facebook their advertising fees and launch your first ad on Facebook!
  10. Repeat this process over and over again.

Do it well and you can be on your way to duplicating what we have done for our clients in generating up to $400,000 in new revenue annually. That’s it, we have summarized Dr. Colin’s whole book right here. There is however another way, you can just work with us.

But Will It Work For Me?

This doc never trusted Facebook Marketing! Now hear what he has to say…

Consistent Long Term Results =

Satisfied Clients

Working With Us…

You become empowered by knowing you are helping your patients achieve a healthier, happier life.  You will be able to see more new patients in a shorter period of time with less effort on your part.

  • You will be able to grow your practice twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week without spending your nights and weekends doing it.
  • You can set this program in place and let us do the day to day work for you.
  • You will increase your cash flow to invest in associates to grow your business and have more free time for yourself and your family.
  • You will remove the day to day stress of not enough cash to pay your bills on time.

If you are still not sure of the power of social media to attract new patients by this point, then we suggest you stay the course and keep doing what you are doing. This is not for you.  If you want to know more about how to do it, keep reading.

This Is Not Your Old Sales Funnel?

We have known many health practitioners how used services like ClickFunnels and been disappointed with the results. While ClickFunnels are certainly a standard for digital marketing companies, the general feedback we get is that it starts off strong and then quickly fizzles out. The ClickFunnel concept is simple enough, however the design and execution of an effective one is not. The fact is Chiropractors are not software designers and expert content writers, so most of the work is done using templates and stock photos that do not attract the right audience.

Typically this ends up costing thousands of dollars before the realization hits that the money being spent is not generating a positive return on the investment. We have heard from some Chiropractors that they have hired someone to build them a funnel for upwards of $10k , but still don’t have the right content going out in automated emails, texts, or have systems in place to nurture and convert prospects into paid treatment plans in the office.

There is some merit to spending the money to learn to do the work yourself. It will give you a good understanding of the time, effort and money you or a digital marketing firm will need to build the ClickFunnel. The question becomes, does it make sense for you to invest the time and money for you to do the work or hire someone who has already spent the money and learned from past mistakes so they get it right for you?

Take a look, this is an average build ClickFunnel, every box, every arrow, every decision step requires tons of coding to make it work. If you still believe you can do it yourself, please do so with our blessing and we hope it works out ok for you. As Dr. Mike Hamilton in Chiro Health suggests, “I would guess that well over 1000 chiropractors have joined Clickfunnels. 95% of them have wasted their money.”

However, if you have already spent enough time learning your profession, then it makes sense to hire professionals to do what they are expert at, and free up your time to see more patients. We feel you should be looking for opportunities to turn your marketing dollars into a 8-10X return. Normally a business will annually spend 10% of gross revenue on marketing. If your practice collects $250K then your marketing budget should be approximately $12,500 annually with a return of $100,000 to $125,000. Sounds crazy, right? It’s not when the marketing is done right.

Building out algorithms and communication sequences to automate every single step is the key to this type of return and ultimately enhances your new patient conversion rate by leveraging the system’s best practices methods.

We take all of these steps necessary and condense them down to provide you with tested copywriting, landing pages, automations and integrations that convert patients and help you build your practice by saving you thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars.

Our team is a highly skilled group of business people and practitioners with decades of experience. We have been organically building our business for the past 5 years by focusing on keeping your new patient flow consistent. With absolutely no contracts, we have been serving and satisfying our practitioners’ needs month in and month out. Many of our practitioners have been with us since the beginning!

We believe it makes much more sense to use a firm where the software systems and content were designed and written by practitioners for practitioners. Our business model and company are designed and run specifically for practitioners like you.

Again, this for Chiropractors who want to expand their businesses with new patient growth, but are struggling creating month in month out consistent online patient requests!

Referencing our five mile exclusive radius for your practice, we like the quote from our client Dr. Chris Cameron uses to help understand the perspective, “I want to be five mile famous! If there is someone that has headaches or any back pain they will think about me and my practice.” They can’t if your ad is not there or in the wrong place.

We even have clients who have to Turn off the ads because they get TOO MANY new patients to handle!

By now it should be clear how we feel about doing the marketing work yourself, hiring a freelancer or hiring a professional firm. You’ve heard from our actual clients and their stories in their own words. They have all said “Yes” to working with us and here is what you can expect as one of our clients:

✔️ We put our money where our mouth is and stand behind our work. If we don’t live up to our commitment your fee for the following month is free.

✔️ We have no contracts, none, zero, there is nothing to sign. We work on a month to month understanding, that if you are not happy with the results we provide, you let us know and we shut down our system for you. The machinery stops and we part company.

✔️ We don’t believe in locking you into a long term contract that will cause you stress.

✔️ We have an entire team of software engineers, business experts and customer support specialists to insure your success.

✔️ We do far more than place an ad for you and new incredible technology is being developed every day to improve results.

✔️ We do the work (well most of it) in helping you create photos and images that highlight you and your practice. You are the differentiator, no practitioner can duplicate who you are or what you do.

Patients Leads Facebook

For the most part you can set and forget that the ads are even running. It’s your responsibility to respond to the new patient inquiries as they come in, but we help you with that as well.

You can see on a daily basis how the advertising money is being spent, the ads that are running, the number of views and the response rate through your own personal dashboard.

You can use our service with our advanced automation algorithm and systems, which oh by the way, is normally 30-50% less expensive than our competitors because of our efficiencies we have created throughout the years!

So, are you ready?

  • Learn how a Chiropractor has been collecting up to 20X ROI.
  • Go from 20 to 200 chiro patients a week in under twelve months.
  • Turn one new chiro patient into five new chiro patient referrals.
  • 5x your supplement sales in under six months.
  • Use new tools to add thousands of dollars to your monthly revenue stream.
  • Spend zero-time prospecting for new chiro patients and 100% of your time making money.
  • Spend 50% more time with your family in six months.

Then welcome to The New Patient Generator!

Without bragging, we actually did write the book that has become the practitioner digital marketing standard. A lot of new technology has come into being since the book was written, but the basic practices remain the same.

Sophisticated algorithms that allow us to pinpoint a viewing audience to a five mile radius around your business so your advertising dollars are not spent on people around the world. We actually guarantee you exclusivity to the territory around your practice so there is no conflict with other practitioners in the same area using our unique system.

We have carefully written content that is Facebook compliant and proven to attract the right audience. We have a five year track record of proven results as you have heard directly from our clients, and we are writing new content all the time.

We know how to make you the star of your own videos to attract the right audience for your practice. If making videos makes you nervous, we can show you how to create images of you, your staff and willing, happy clients to create the ads.

The advertisements are monitored on a daily basis to make sure the hit rate never falls below a certain level. If one ads hit ratio starts to decline we replace it with another in real time.

Videos Are Your Secret Weapon

You’re the hero of your own video and there to help all those patients around you that need your help. You can reach thousands and thousands of viewers with a single ad 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That’s only possible through the power of social media!

You’re the hero of your own video and there to help all those patients around you that need your help. You can reach thousands and thousands of viewers with a single ad 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That’s only possible through the power of social media!

Just to give you an example of the value proposition of doing the work yourself or outsourcing to a freelance person. We have streamlined our process to take advantage of the full economy of scale.

We can offer you the opportunity to grow your practice for a fraction of the cost (and time) it would take you to do it yourself. Yes, there are other digital marketing firms out there and we have done our own comparison. We have no desire to waste your time if we found that another firm was offering something more effective and less expensive than we do. Do your own due diligence and we believe you will come to the same conclusion that we have, no one does it better, can prove a consistent track record of prospects, offers a guarantee and a sustainable ROI on the monthly spend.

If you are still not convinced then you may want to watch the case study videos again. These are real Chiropractors with very real practices, just like yours only growing faster. To get more information, click on the link and get the first five chapters of Dr. Colin’s book to see for yourself the effort required to do the work.

You can also book a discovery call with us to answer any question you may have that is specific to your practice.

We know that not everyone enjoys talking about themselves, let alone doing it on camera for millions of people to see. However, the videos you create are all about you. The video showcases your beliefs on helping people. You can share the knowledge and experience you have as a practitioner. Your potential patients want to connect with you as the person they believe can help them. If you are in pain or discomfort, would you want to spend a lot of time searching for the right person to help you? I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t. The power of personal connection in your videos makes it easy for them to connect with you!

If you are ready to start growing your practice now, click here to book your New Patient Generator onboarding call with our team specialist: SCHEDULE YOUR FREE MARKETING AUDIT

They will walk you through the entire process of setting up your personal dashboard, creating videos or images using our proven scripts. You can be set up, advertising and getting new prospects in as little as seven days.

Remember, our system is geographically exclusive and we do not take on practitioners that are close to each other. So if you want to lock in your personal territory, we suggest you contact us as soon as possible. We do not hold territories open.

With the New Patient Generator Service we will get the ball rolling for you and completely manage your Facebook Advertising. This comes with our Lead Monthly Guarantee. And we will not charge you MORE based on the number of leads you receive. We will help you create MAGNETIC videos and image based advertisements PROVEN to attract loads of new patients for your practice.

Keeping your content fresh is the key to long term results so we have compiled a massive database of content that allows us to do exactly that. We provide the scripts, you record short 2-3 minute videos on your mobile device and upload to our custom built New Patient Generator Campaign Management System. You will be showcased as the go-to professional for loads of conditions in your community. In a nutshell, we provide the content, you record the videos, we manage your campaigns, you schedule the patients. It’s that simple!

Now that you have taken the time to read all of this material, we would like to offer more than any of our competition at a significant savings to you if you sign up before your territory is taken!

What You Get

Fully Managed Facebook Marketing – $797 USD/month
A Done-for-You service. We completely manage your FB advertising. Content driven marketing. Largest collection of converting content in the industry. Over the years, we have built a following for our third-party brand, Family Health Advocacy. By including


✔️ Facebook Chatbot – ($200/month value)
Generate high quality new patients with our proven custom FB Messenger chat sequences. We will plug into your FB page, run advertising to boost conversations, and let the bot do all the work.

✔️ Customized landing pages and funnels – ($297/month value)
Over 15 high-converting landing pages ready to go at the click of a button. Simply run ads to these landing pages and begin seeing patients within hours.

✔️ Text Messaging Integration – ($50/month value)
Automate and manage from a single location all text communication with all contacts and leads from our Power Tools account.

✔️ Incoming Call Tracking – ($50/month value)
Record and manage from a single location all conversations with new prospects. Keep a close eye on how your team is doing since communication with new patient prospects is essential.

✔️ Email Automations – ($50/month value)
Automate and manage from a single location all email communication with all contacts and leads from our Power Tools account.

✔️ Integrated Scheduling Calendar – ($25/month value)
Schedule patients directly into a calendar. Integrate directly with Google calendar from Power Tools account.

✔️Google Review Booster – $250/month
Asking patients for Google review is as simple as a drag and drop adding to your credibility.

Total Value – $1,619/month

However, we offer all of this + our fully managed Facebook marketing for only $797 / month.

We can offer this ridiculous monthly fee with no onboarding costs because our clients stay with us which helps us create economic efficiencies.

Also, a limited time, we are going to offer you a free business strategy call worth $500 if you get started before the end of the month!

And remember, with this you will also get…

Quality Patients Who…

901859_New Patient Generator Home Page Re-design-2_Icon-Start_010821


901859_New Patient Generator Home Page Re-design-2_Icon-Stay_010821


901859_New Patient Generator Home Page Re-design-2_Icon-Refer_010821


All of our content and process is about producing a QUALITY patient. So do we consider a quality patient? It’s one that starts care with you, stays and follows your recommendations, and refers their friends and family.


  • Campaigns That Educate
  • No Contracts
  • No Setup Fees
  • Lead Guarantee or next month is free
  • Geographic exclusivity for your practice
New Patient Generator Man


Yes, we work with practices of all sizes from 20 patients a week to 2,000 a week.

We understand there are those who actually cannot afford the monthly fee and ad spend based on your current income. We know that everyone has experienced tight cash flow at some point in their career. Talk to us about it, we have helped others make our service affordable enough to break the tight cash flow cycle by getting new patients in the door.

Yes we can, we have experienced practice coaches who can help you build out your practice infrastructure and staffing needs to be even more efficient and profitable as you grow.  They are practitioners who use the NPG system so will understand every step of your growth process.

Our guarantee is simple: if we do not provide you with ten patient requests within each 30 day starting when your first campaign becomes active, your next months management fee will be FREE.  In other words, we will do another month’s worth of work  for you at no cost.

We consider a quality prospect someone who has engaged with your ad, been educated from by your videos, filled in the patient information (Name, email address and contact phone number) and then requested to have an appointment. Just clicking on your ad and reading it (we can tell) does not count towards the guarantee. They must submit their contact information to you.

We have proven outward bound scripts for you and your staff to use that we have found very effective in getting prospects to book appointments.  Follow our instruction and you will maximize results.

No you do not need your own Facebook page to use The New Patient Generator. We have a credible third party brand that we use to promote your service.  However, we recommend that you have a Facebook page so that we can expand your results in case you’re looking to increase your rate of growth.

Facebook likes are used mainly as a credibility score for your brand.  Unfortunately Facebook limits the reach to your own audience so if you want your posts to be shown to everyone who likes your page then you’ll have to pay.  This is why we lend you the credibility of our third party natural health brand so you can optimize your spending.

No problem, many of our Chiropractors have come from other services, we will wait until they run out of steam and the prospect generation slows down. Plus, several of our practitioners use more than one service to increase their results or try them out side by side to see what works best for them.

Your ads will run 24/7 and we will apply the Facebook charges directly to you.  We recommend a budget of about $20 per day per campaign.  At our rate of $797/month we would be managing only 1 campaign for you.

No you do not need an expensive website to use The New Patient Generator. We can review your current site and make suggestions but we use an independant landing page for your campaigns. We do have the resources to help improve your website if you want our help but it’s not essential to what we’re doing for you.

If The New Patient Generator sounds a bit risky, then we have not done a good enough job of explaining the value to overcome the risk of spending the money. Everyone has a different degree of risk tolerance when spending money, we understand that as well. If after reading everything you have so far the risk still seems to be too high, including our guarantees, then the New Patient Generator is not for you and we appreciate your taking the time to read through all of this.

If you’re still not quite sure and need a little further assurance to get past your doubt, we can arrange for you to speak with a fellow practitioner already using The New Patient Generator. You can ask them what our system has done for them and their practice rather than just taking our word for it.

We do all the technical parts and you’re only responsibility is to record your videos. We provide you with the script to read that is already Facebook compliant, we show you how to create your own video using that script and then you upload the video directly to us through your own personal portal on our website. We create the ad from your video, post it on Facebook and then monitor the results on a daily basis.

We will help you set up your own business Facebook account if you do not already have one. For new accounts, Facebook bills small amounts of money at random times to build a payment history for your business. Once they establish you are a good payer, they will bill you on a regular monthly basis.

We have heard this before and cannot speak to what another marketing company may have promised but not delivered. We do not speak poorly of any other firm in this space, we let our record and our clients speak to the success they have had with The New Patient Generator. Listen to the case studies again, or ask us to put you in touch with one of our practitioner clients so you can speak to them yourselves. They will tell you straight up what has and has not worked for them. Speaking with a peer can be far more powerful than anything we could say.

This is exactly why we use videos and automated follow-up sequences. Prospective patients will bridge trust and build confidence learning from your videos. They will either connect with you and send you their information or not.  Just being yourself will attract the type of patients you want.

Yes, there will be times when someone books an appointment and then backs out for any number of reasons. It’s what you do next that can make all the difference and we can show you exactly how to get prospects past their nervousness about coming into your office.

Established on the forefront of the digital marketing wave for health providers back in 2016, we are the only patient lead generation service developed and managed by health professionals for health professionals and have content and technology that keeps us on the cutting edge for attracting new patients online.  We have the most high-converting content and deliverables in the industry.  This is our home and our passion, we are not just another digital marketing firm here for quick buck.   Just like you, we have a passion for serving others.

There will always be a few that will come in for an initial consultation and they may realize that your care is not for them. However, that is not the norm and we have proven best practices to help attract and retain new patients for longer term care. You have to help them establish the value of what you do for them, don’t assume they intuitively know it but we can do the rest.

Here is another breakdown of how The New Patient Generator works:

  • Sophisticated re-targeting that allow us to pinpoint the best geographically targeted audience for your practice.
  • We guarantee you exclusivity to the territory around your practice so there is no conflict with other practitioners in the same area using our unique system.
  • We have carefully written content that is Facebook compliant and proven to attract the right audience.
  • We have a track record going back to 2016 of proven results as you have heard directly from our clients.
  • We are writing new content all the time.
  • We know how to make you the star of your own videos to attract the right audience for your practice.
  • If making videos makes you nervous, we can show you how to create images of yourself, your staff and willing, happy clients to create the ads.
  • The advertisements are monitored on a daily basis to make sure the hit rate never falls below our threshold.
  • If any ads fall below our threshold our system notifies us immediately and  we replace it with another from the library immediately.
  • You’re the hero of your own video and there to help all those patients around you that need your help.
  • You can reach thousands and thousands of viewers with a single ad 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That’s only possible through the power of social media!
  • You provide the videos, we create and manage your ads, the leads request appointments, and you call to schedule.  It’s that simple!

After your initial payment, we bill you monthly from the day your first ad goes live with a grace period of 1 week. For example, if your first payment is on July 21, and it takes you a week to get your video to us so your ad goes live on July 28, then your next payment will be on August 28 repeating monthly (we allow a week to get you up and running).

No, we have no contracts to sign. You pay month to month for our service.  Just let us know that you want to stop before the next months payment and we’ll stop your service with us.

Then maybe our explanation about the return on your investment is still not clear.

Our first suggestion is go back and listen to the practitioner case study videos again. Dr. Chris Cameron hesitated for a long time for financial reasons before making the decision. We understand that spending money on something new is always going to feel a bit risky. We don’t don’t take this statement personally as we know the value we offer is exceptional and has generated tens of thousands of new prospects for our clients.

Some practitioners still have the lingering thoughts that they can do this work for themselves at less time and cost. Go back and look at the side by side comparison and determine which part you can do better, faster or less expensively. If practitioners truly could do this better, faster and less expensively, they would already be doing it and The New Patient Generator book and software would never have been created.

If you feel The New Patient Generator still costs too much after going through all of the case studies and back up information, then it is not a good fit for you and thanks for taking the time to read more about it.

Yes you can stop your ads from running at any time. All we ask is that you give us 48 hours notice to your next billing date so we can be prepared to stop your ads at the end of your billing cycle.

When you make your monthly payment, we guarantee we will not run ads for another practitioner that is within five miles of your practice, or less than 100,000 Facebook users. We do not want to compete with our own ads.

We have heard this before as well. New prospects were generated quickly and then faded away after a few months. One practitioner told us that his digital marketing firm had run out of content for his ads after a year so they parted ways.
We have five years worth of content and are creating new content every week based on our research and current patient trends. We keep our ad copy concise, fresh and relevant. We put our reputation behind every ad we place.

That’s perfectly ok with us, not everyone makes decisions the same way or at the same speed. We are not going anywhere and are always available to answer any questions you may have about the New Patient Generator. Time will work for you and against you. Time spent evaluating is good as long as it doesn’t become procrastination. Then you are losing the time you could be spending treating new patients.

Just about everybody is in a different time zone these days. You can ask questions via email or through your own portal 24/7 and we will do our best to get to you the next business day.

Ultimately you will not know until you try The New Patient Generator and experience it for yourself. It is the only positive way you can answer that question and leave no doubt in your mind. We have the social proof, we have the guarantee, we have the testimonials and we have the experience to make The New Patient Generator work for you.

In all fairness there are other ways to go about this.

  • You can hire an in-house person to do your marketing. Even part time you will be paying 2 – 3x more upfront than you will with a professional firm.
  • You can outsource to a freelance marketing person for a much lower cost. Chances are you will not be their only customer at their price point and will not give you the time or expertise you need to get the return you want.
  • Hire a smaller generic digital marketing firm that may or may not know your industry.
  • You can place ads on Facebook and many of our clients have already tried it. 

Most practitioners had no idea of the amount of time, expertise and cost involved. Here is a very brief comparison of the tasks and costs involved:

DIY Task Cost What NPG does for you Cost
You place Facebook/Google Ad spend: $75 per lead @ 10 leads $750 Ads placed for you Included
Monthly staff time to monitor social media ads and rotate them as YOU think necessary: 1 hr daily @30 days @ $30 gross wage $900 Ads monitored for you 24/7 by professional and rotated to provide maximum lead generation Included
Monthly time cost to write your own ad copy. $50 Proven scripts provided by experts in their field Included
Graphic Designer $250 Graphic Designer Included
Pay staff/freelancer to write your ad copy. $100 Ad copy provided Included
On call tech support $250 On call support Included
Monthly cost for website SEO boost and create additional links to other sites for higher visibility $200 We provide professionally created landing pages increasing your SEO visibility and another place for prospects to find you Included
Monthly cost $3,250 Monthly cost $1,397
Annual cost $39,000 Annual cost $16,764
Annual savings     $22,236

Yes you can and we have done this for several practitioners over the years. We can pause the ads for two weeks for vacations or hiring additional associates or staff or build out your infrastructure. Our ultimate goal is to help you grow your practice, not just new patients in the door.  However, because of our geographic exclusivity any pause beyond 2 weeks may only be placed on hold for a maximum of only 2 months while incurring a 35% holding fee.

Very little, just give us a call and we will walk you through the onboarding process!

Average time for most practitioners to review the scripts, create the videos ( we recommend three to start), get them uploaded, polished and placed can take up to 7 days. The timing depends on how fast you create the initial videos or images of your practice. We do the rest of the work.